Is GooTube just faking its ‘open’ credentials?

GooTube might appear to be the beating heart of the Web 2.0 revolution, but well-informed bloggers suggest they’re faking, and in fact driving us all towards Bubble 2.0. This debate echoes recent OB discussions, particularly Christian’s recent provocative but insightful post on Open Services. Looking further back we had a great thread seeking to define ‘What is an Open Business’.

No doubt there’s a lot of perspectives on this; we’re keen to hear and consider them all. Larry’s definition of a true sharing site is ‘one that permits users to move content as they choose’. What’s yours? Maybe its not sharing which is of greatest import, but another aspect of the site’s business model – perhaps their approach to environmental sustainability or worker welfare.

For me, its impractical to develop an exhaustive definition, so at best we should develop ‘dimensions of openness’ (CA) – which are qualities indicative of open business practices. Sure, that’s kinda wooly, but its inclusive and constructive. I’ll try expand on this post later in the week, hoping to flesh out some of these characteristics with reference to previous OB posts.

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