The Beeb Goes Open Source

logo042.gif Remixing, mashing, tinkering with media as data is all the hype. From the Washington Post to many other media organizations they now view their audience as active contributors. The BBC has not only vowed to go web 2.0 (we will see what this means) also introduced a platform for the OS projects it contributes to. They write:

For the BBC, open source software development is an extension of our Public Service remit. Releasing open source software helps our audience get additional value from the work they’ve funded, and also get tools for free that they couldn’t get any other way. It also allows people outside the BBC to extend projects in such a way that may in future be used in the BBC.

What’s important is that they link their remit – public value – to Open Source. One should start also start thinking more deeply about public value and how the BBC not only should engage in projects like the Creative Archive, but how it actually should built tools to encourage creative remixing and collaboration (arguably some of the most important media skills).

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