40Fires/Nesta Conference on Open Hardware


OpenBusiness is planning for 40Fires in partnership with Nesta a conference on Open Hardware on the 4th of December. The conference is an opportunity to edcuate engineers, tinkerers and designers alike on Open Hardware, a growing frontier in the field of innovation. It is also a platform for experts of Open Hardware to exchange ideas and solutions to further improve upon the workings of Open Hardware.

Open Hardware works under the same framework as Open Source Software. The design is open the the public, where a virtual community of contributors could modify or build upon the existing design. Some existing projects will be showcased throughout the conference to give a basic gist of  how Open Hardware functions.

schematics open source hydrogen powered car

Through this conference, we hope to clarify where Open Hardware stands now, and also to discuss the direction that Open Hardware is going towards. The aims of the conference include the discussion of:

  • Successful strategies that have brought engineers and tinkerers together to collaboratively work on designs.
  • Ways we can foster a culture similar to Open Source Programming in the realm of producing complex physical opbjects.
  • How a GPL equivalent (which played a key role in preserving collaborative efforts in OS Programming) would work for Open Hardware, and what are the right legal strategies that would ensure sustainability of collaboration.

A more detailed breakdown on the conference (Agenda, Time and Location) can be found here, and if you want to suggest a topic for one of the open sessions, send an email to info at www.openbusiness.cc.

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