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Sense Worldwide
  • Published: 6th Jan 10
  • Updated: 8th Apr 10

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Sense Worldwide is a creative strategic consultancy. For ten years we’ve been in the business of insight, innovation and strategy – under the banner of Master Planning for Businesses and Brands. We help our clients do the right thing by understanding people – or, in other words, co-creating disruptive brand and business strategies for global clients like Diageo, Nike, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson and Discovery Channel with the Sense Network – our 1,800 strong global community of articulate, creative thinkers and doers. We were delighted when the UK’s Marketing magazine gave us their Agency of the Year award for 2009 – not least as it was judged by client marketeers for effectiveness, creativity, innovation and vision.

What does 'openness' mean in this case?

The Sense approach and the Sense Network are themselves the epitome of openness and a collaborative approach to tackling business and brand challenges using a distributed network model. Master Planning is about the alignment of and collaboration between all stakeholders – internal and external – involved in business and brand building, and which underpins all activity with robust consumer insight. We recently captured ten years experience in co-creation with the publication of our white paper – the Spirit of Co-Creation and launched a blog to kick off a conversation around it. At the end of 2009 we conceived a project, which with NESTA support will bring complimentary brands together to co-create joint initiatives and product ideas, by providing open online access to foundational lifestyle research to kick start ideation. P&G, Diageo, Microsoft, Campbell’s, Johnson & Johnson, Cancer UK, E.on, Samsung, Royal Mail, Boots, etc have signed up to participate.

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