Open 100

Here is where your nomination starts. Please fill in the form below (all fields need to be filled in correctly for it to be considered a valid nomination). To avoid spam the organization has decided to check the nominations daily before publishing them online. Let us know who it is you think should be in the list, what they do and how they demonstrate openness and hopefully your nomination will make it to the top 100.

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Many thanks for uploading your nomination! After we have checked your submission your nomination will be uploaded online. If you know of any more companies that should be in the list please feel free to upload another one, also you can leave comments on previous submissions.
The competition will be open for nominations till the 30th January, after that our judges will decide on the best 20 submissions per category and the winner of each category. At the end of February the winners will be announced at the ‘Open 4 Business’ conference at NESTA and online at, also through associated blogs (NESTA) and the Media Guardian.

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